Challenging mental health stigma and discrimination in the workplace is a key theme for the Health and Social Care Partnership and they have set the workforce a challenge to pass 1,000 See Me badges across the workforce during the month of October and beyond.

Carolyn Walker, Public Health Practitioner with the Partner’s Health Promotion Team gives more details:   “We are working closely with See Me to tackle the stigma and discrimination in mental health.  The See Me Pass the Badge 1,000 Campaign involves taking a badge, wearing it for 24 hours , then passing it on while communicating two key messages:

  • that mental illness affects one in four of us and
  • nine out of ten people who have experienced mental illness have experienced stigma and discrimination


We want to make sure that as many people as possible have a chance to get involved and make it fun too.  To show your support, use the 1,000 badge template to complete the sentence “I passed the badge because….”, take a selfie and send it  so we can share across our communication channels including social media.  If your team or service has its own social media pages, please use these to spread the word.

For badges, please contact us by phone  01383 565 109 or email

By simply passing the badge you will be helping to tackle stigma and discrimination in mental health and together we can make a difference. Once the badges are gone, they’re gone.Thank you.”