The minutes of the Partnership’s Board of the 16 November 2017 are now live.  The main topic of discussion by Members was the Financial Recovery Plan where 17 proposals were considered with the outcome of their decisions noted accordingly:

  • Full Scale Review of all Adults and Older People Community Care Packages – Adopted.
  • Introduction of Technology: Financial Management – Adopted.
  • Short Breaks/Respite: Maximum Annual Budget Allocation and Short Break Booking Service – Adopted Option 2 – maximum annual budget of £5,000 per person and also development of Short Break/Respite Booking Service.
  • Maximum Support Budget Allowance: Adult Care and Support – Adopted in principle, but referred to Clinical and Care Governance Committee for further discussion and investigation.
  • Increase Existing Charges for Social Care Related Support – Adopted in principle, but refer to Finance & Performance Committee and Fife Council for more detailed analysis with a view to a lower or phased increase in charges.
  • Transport – Flat Rate Charge Adults and Older People Social Work Services – refer to Finance & Performance Committee and Fife Council for more detailed analysis, report back to IJB in due course.
  • Community Care and Support/Day Services: Adult Services: Flat Rate Charge – refer to Finance & Performance Committee and Fife Council for more detailed analysis, report back to IJB in due course.
  • Externalisation of Residential Care at Three Care Homes to the Independent Sector – Rejected.
  • Service User Contribution – Assessment Beds – Adopted.
  • Randolph Wemyss Hospital: Temporary Bed Capacity Reduction – Adopted.
  • Adult Resources: Community Support Service Buildings – Reduce to 3 Sites – Adopted.
  • Adult Accommodation Services: White Good and Communal Area Furniture Replacement – Adopted.
  • Rationalisation of Provision of Small Pieces of Equipment – Adopted.
  • Efficiency Saving for all Charities funded by the Partnership – Adopted Option 2.
  • Recruitment Freeze Until March 2018 – Rejected.
  • Review Management Structures – Adopted.
  • Corporate Change Programmes – Fife Council and NHS Fife – Adopted.

The full report and details of each proposal can be found here.

Michael Kellet, Director of Fife Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “The budget shortfall discussed at the Partnership’s Board remains an early estimate and whilst that figure may yet change, it is right that we are open and honest about the financial and social challenges that we face.

“Whilst we recognise the challenges, there are also opportunities to look at new and progressive ways of working, developing the services we deliver and improving the experience of our service users.


“Our Transformation Plan is being developed to ensure that services are both sustainable and offer best value, whilst adhering to the fundamental principles set out in both the Strategic Plan and Clinical Strategy, namely person-centred and community-based services, and improved outcomes through prevention and early intervention.


“The public and staff should be reassured that they will be involved in conversations around new ways of working and development of services, and will play an important role in helping to shape improved and sustainable services.”