The iMatter results are in: and nearly two thirds of you took the time to respond.

iMatter – Directorate Report 2017

The Partnership as a whole achieved a response rate of 63%, with 316 teams out of a total of 473 responding.

Not every individual team managed this year to secure more than a 60% response rate but given this is our first year it is a fantastic start.

Using the iMatter tool gave you and your colleagues the chance to feedback to your manager and the Partnership, what you think about your working experience and how you, your team and your managers can improve it.

The overall Partnership report, which details the views of all who responded, is being cascaded to the line managers of all 473 teams and can also be read here.

This report is very positive with high scores in relation to how staff feel about the support they have to do their work and the sense of achievement they feel. The results also show the majority of staff feel their managers are approachable, care about their health and well-being and they have trust and confidence in their managers.

Importantly staff give a high recommendation that they would be happy for a friend or relative to access our services and would recommend their organisation as a good place to work.

There are of course always areas for improvement and that is the really important next stage of the iMatter journey.

What next

Your line managers should now be arranging to meet with you and your team colleagues to discuss your individual team report and explore how you think things could be improved. This discussion should lead to the development of a team action plan where you can agree up to three improvements which you, as a team, would like to see happen in the year going forward.

So what difference is any of this going to make? Evidence shows that happy, motivated, confident staff that care about and look after one another also deliver great services to their patients, clients or service users.  We want to ensure that everyone working in the Partnership, regardless of the work they do have the opportunity to improve their work experience in their team.

This is the real opportunity to challenge the “So what?” question.

If you haven’t seen your iMatter team report yet, ask your manager if it is available. If your team hasn’t got over the 60% response rate this year and not generated a report you still have the opportunity to meet with your manager and share your collective views and produce an action plan with your suggested improvements.

I hope that you take the opportunity to contribute to improving how your team works. I would like to hear the stories of your journey, good or bad, so that we can improve the iMatter process as we continue to make the partnership a great place to work and deliver excellent services to the people of Fife.   Get in touch with me or call 01592 648187

Bruce Anderson

Head of Staff Governance