Will you join the ‘What matters to you?’ conversation?   

Register today to take part in ‘What matters to you?’ day on 6 June 2018.

‘What matters to you?’ day aims to encourage and support more meaningful conversations between people who provide health and social care and the people, families and carers who receive health and social care.

The day also provides an opportunity to raise the profile of person-centred conversations. Or if you are already working in this way, an opportunity to celebrate the positive impact in the lives of the people we support and the staff who work with them.


Colleagues from Glenrothes Hospital take part in 2017

This worldwide approach which is all about connecting people and putting the focus on the things that really matter to the people you support.

It is one simple act of asking what matters most to people – this can make a big difference to their care experience.  Find some examples here, including one from our very own Glenrothes Hospital team who took part last year, along with many other colleagues from across the services.

Let’s get Fife on the map again this year:

Step 1: Register

To join in all you have to do is register and download resources as an individual or as a team. You can also order packs which include:

  • Badges
  • Stickers
  • Poster

These can help you involve the people you are supporting or caring for.

Step 2:  Examples of existing “What Matters To You?” work

You will already have some great examples in Fife. We want to showcase these pre-event, on the 6th June itself and beyond.    If you have examples we can use publicly (local media, social media) and internally, get in touch with me,  as soon as possible so we can plan these into our communications.

Step 3:  On the day – take part

On the 6 June we would like you, individuals and teams to take part by asking those you support and deliver care to three simple questions:

  • “What are the things that are important to you at the moment?”
  • “What are some of the things you would you like to achieve as a result of this support?”
  • “When you have a good day, what are the things that make it good?”

How you do this is up to you.  It could be an event, display or face to face.

If you would like a member of the ‘What matters to you?’ team to come along to your activities on or around 6 June, please contact the What Matters to you team by emailing  They will arrange this based on location and availability.

  • When using Twitter or Facebook to post about your activities use the following tags @WMTYScot #WMTY18
  • You can post your pics on their Facebook page at

Step 3:  Share your learning

Share your learning with your line manager.

Finally, let’s take part and have fun!