Why we’ve produced this Vision
I and my Management Team take health and safety very seriously. I demonstrate my full support to this Vision and the implementation and maintenance of the highest standards of occupational health, safety and welfare across Health and Social Care Partnership. The Partnership exists to provide care services as far as possible, free from risks to the health safety and welfare of employees and patients, clients and visitors affected by our work activities. It is not the intention for this document to replace the health and safety policies of each parent organisation but to reflect their requirements, objectives and organisational arrangements.

What is our Health and Safety Vision?
Our vision is to provide our high-quality care services to the people of Fife in such a way as to keep each other, those who work with us and the public safe from harm.

To make our vision work, we need the involvement and commitment from all parent organisation employees, along with positive leadership from all managers. We also need the support of trade unions, employee representatives and our contractors, suppliers and partners.

What will we do to discharge our health and safety responsibilities?

• We will ensure that our respective statutory health and safety commitments are discharged across parent organisations;
• Ensure that all employees working in our respective buildings/organisations are aware of the requirement to take reasonable care of their own health and safety as well as that of others who may be affected by their acts or omissions.
• Streamline assessments and the co-ordination of the provision of care without compromising the health safety and wellbeing of our patients or clients;
• Improve efficiency of care and removing duplication of health and safety processes;
• Share good practice and lessons learned across the parent organisations;
• Establish joint Trade Union consultation through the Health & Safety Forum;
• Share accident statistics and establish areas of joint working;
• Demonstrate a clear and visible commitment to improving health and safety performance;
• Provide opportunities for participation and involvement in health and safety activities e.g. working parties, health and safety forums, risk assessment groups etc.
• Ensure that all employees are aware of how to report an accident, incident, near miss or a workplace concern: and
• Encourage employees to give constructive suggestions to improve health and safety standards.

Health and Safety Forum Structure

How we’ll measure our performance
Health and safety targets will be included as part of a range of performance measures for the Partnership. These will be monitored and discussed at all relevant H & S Committees/ Forums as outlined above.
I believe successful implementation of our health and safety commitments will:
• protect the health, safety and welfare of all employees and others affected by our work activities
• deliver continuous improvement in health and safety performance
• allow employees to work more efficiently and therefore improve the quality of services provided and
• help to maintain or improve the quality of life of people who use those services.
We all have our parts to play in making the Partnership a safe and healthy place to work. With your support, we will achieve our aim.

Review and Communication
Our vision, document modifications and special arrangements will be brought to the attention of all employees within the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership.

Michael Kellet
Director of Health and Social Care Partnership