As you are aware it was our IJB meeting last Thursday to discuss and approve the savings budget for 2019/20.

The proposals put forward, equating to a saving on £8.1m were approved by the Board. These included:

  • an increase in the cost of community alarms
  • an increase in the cost of meals on wheels

These increases are below the average that other organisations charge

  • the re-provision of day care services at two centres (Leng in Newport and St David’s in St Andrews)

Service users will continue to receive the day service but not from these two buildings, which are under-utilised and in need of an upgrade

For full details of the proposals click here.

Making savings is difficult, especially when faced with the added challenges of increasing demand in services, a growing and ageing population, shortages in some staff groups and the uncertainty of Brexit (latest update). The Partnership, like other public services, is facing considerable financial pressures, and we have to set a budget accordingly.

We have achieved a lot over the last three years, which is down to you, patients and their families, carers, colleagues from the voluntary and independent sectors and our funding partners working together. Here’s just a few highlights:

  • delivered essential services to thousands of people every day in every setting from home to hospital
  • improved mental health services to support those who need help earlier
  • improved how we support our most vulnerable individuals by coordinating all the care they receive across services so their needs and wishes are met – the person centred approach
  • worked with NHS colleagues, pharmacies and GPs on a medicines efficiency programme and war on waste
  • brought a local focus to health and social care support with the introduction of Wells throughout the Kingdom
  • made progress in joining up care
  • currently implementing a new GP contract – we’re investing in multi-disciplinary teams to support GP practices so people see the right professional first time

But there’s more to be done …
We also need to deal with the outstanding budget gap of £6.5m,which is due to legacy and the increasing demand on services such as home care. To get back in the black we need to look at different ways of working. Changing what we do and how we do it can be a worrying time but be rest assured that any impacts will be carefully considered. We can’t do this without your input and support.

What’s next?
We continue to build on our successes. We also have a three year financial recovery plan in place with our funding partners to close the budget gap.

What does this mean for us and the people of Fife?
Focussing our resources to reach those who need it, in the right place at the right time and getting involved earlier to try and prevent more serious care needs developing. Our strategic plan 2019-2022 is being developed – this is the plan we use to focus our priorities, look at ways to transform what we do and how we do it and how we use the resources available to us to get the best value. Over the past few months discussions have been taking place with colleagues, partners and communities to understand what matters to them. We will share this feedback with you soon as your input into this plan is essential – you see day to day the difference we make to the people of Fife’s lives and what matters to them and you.

I’m reminded constantly of the wealth of knowledge and experience that staff in the Partnership have – hearing from colleagues, partners, patients and their families on the value you add every day.


Chair of the IJB, Cllr Rosemary Liewald also commented:
“Budget saving is always a challenge and when it involves health and social care services it can be very emotive. I’m mindful of the impact change has not only on the people of Fife but on you. We couldn’t deliver the excellent services we do without you. But we don’t have an endless pot of money and we do need to look at different ways to deliver services to ensure we balance the books, whilst keeping care and safety at the forefront. A big task, and I know that by working together we can make this happen.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment, and your passion, as to work in a health and social care environment it’s your passion to help people that makes the difference.”