Challenges, celebrations and news


Some difficult decisions as well as opportunities to celebrate have been faced by Partnership colleagues.  The on-going challenge of clinical cover has meant we had to enact contingency measures in our Primary Care Emergency Services overnight. A tough decision to reach but one that ensures patient safety which is our first priority.  Thank you to everyone involved for the enormous on-going efforts during this time.

Across the Partnership there is much to acknowledge including the three Fife nurses who have been selected to become Queen’s nurses, our award winning Care At Home Team and most recently the announcement of a £10m care village in Methil.

I draw your attention to several important pieces of staff news:

imatter refresher training for Managers is taking place. All of NHS Fife and Fife Health & Social Care Partnership must complete their iMatter questionnaire between 11th June – 1st July 2018. Managers will be required to review and confirm their team membership on the iMatter system and so encourage you all to attend training sessions so you, and your teams, are supported.

The Organisational Duty of Candour underpins the Scottish Government’s commitment to openness and learning which is vital to the provision of safe, effective and person-centred health and social care.

It is a legal requirement for health, care and social work providers to inform people (and their families) when they have been harmed physically or psychologically as a result of the care or treatment they have received.

Organisations will also be required to review each incident and consider support available to those affected.  Check out more Duty of Candour resources here to make sure you and your teams are up to speed.

What Matter’s To You Day takes place on 6 June 2018.  Please encourage your colleagues and teams to get involved so we can have ever more meaningful conversations with the people, families and carers who receive our services. This will help to continually improve our service and the people’s experience of care. It also a great chance for your good news stories to shine.

Thank you.



Duty of Candour – Are you up to speed?

Dr Frances Elliot, Medical Director talks about Duty of Candour

As an organisation we constantly strive to deliver the highest quality care, with the best possible outcomes for all our patients and service users.

Despite this, sometimes things go wrong. When this happens it is important that we respond in the right way, ensuring that we are open and transparent with patients, carers, their family members and each other.

As from 1 April 2018, it is a legal requirement for health, care and social work providers to inform people (and their families) when they have been harmed physically or psychologically as a result of the care or treatment they have received.

Organisations will also be required to review each incident and consider support available to those affected.

The Duty of Candour sits alongside our Adverse Events Policy and is relevant to staff across the organisation – we should all know how to respond to, record and learn from incidents.

Duty of Candour e-Learning is now available as a LearnPro module and can be found within the ‘NES’ tab on the LearnPro home page, and provides a clear overview of requirements.

Duty of Candour Resources:

Organisational Duty of Candour

Factsheet 1

Factsheet 2

Factsheet 3






Reminder – iMatter refresher training for Managers

iMatter provides the opportunity for staff and managers to discuss and make positive changes that can improve their working environment for the benefit of all, including patients.

All of NHS Fife and Fife Health & Social Care Partnership will be completing their iMatter questionnaire between 11th June – 1st July 2018.

Managers will be required to review and confirm their team membership on the iMatter system, updating any changes e.g. leavers and new members. This will take place from 14th May – 11th June 2018.

For managers who are new to their role, new to NHS Fife / Fife Health & Social Care Partnership or those who would like a refresh training is available as detailed below.

Dates / locations for the training are as follows:

  • 26th April – 10am -12 noon – Board Room Stratheden Hospital
  • 30th April – 2-4pm – Board Room – Hayfield Clinic
  • 15th May – 2-4pm – Common Room – Education Centre QMH

To book a place, please email


Three Fifers selected to become Queen’s nurses

Three Fife nurses have been selected to take part in a special professional development programme that will earn them the right to use the coveted Queen’s Nurse title.

The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland (QNIS) was established by Queen Victoria in 1889 in honour of her Golden Jubilee. Historically, the Queen’s Nurse title was awarded to nurses who completed training that equipped them to work in the community. They provided healthcare and health promotion to people in their own homes, and were well respected in the communities in which they practised.

Pauline Buchanan, Community Dermatology Nurse Practitioner based in Dunfermline; Lyndsey Forsyth, ADHD Nurse Specialist based in Kirkcaldy; and Gerrard Hastie, Community Psychiatric Nurse based in Leven, make up three of the 21 community-based nurses from across the country selected by the QNIS to join this year’s Queen’s Nurses Development Programme.

This is the first time that Fife will have three nurses inducted into the programme in a single year.

All candidates were nominated having demonstrated their commitment to high quality, compassionate care. They then completed a written application and were chosen to go forward for the programme after attending a selection event where they impressed a panel of nursing leaders.

The new Queen’s Nurses will take part in a nine-month programme, developing and honing their existing skills and capabilities, culminating in an Awards Ceremony in December.

Once they have completed the QNIS development programme, the modern Queen’s Nurses will support new models of care to promote health improvement and local delivery of services.

On their selection to the QNIS development programme, NHS Fife Director of Nursing, Helen Wright, said:

“I am delighted to see three Fife nurses inducted into this year’s QNIS Development Programme.

“Our inductees have each been selected because they have demonstrated a real passion and commitment to continually improve the care and treatment offered to patients in Fife.

“With an ever increasing amount of care now able to be delivered safely in our communities, their participation in the programme is likely to positively influence the nursing care offered to patients across Fife in the years and decades to come.”

Reflecting on her induction to the QNIS development programme, Pauline Buchanan said:

“I am delighted and honored to have been selected for the Queen’s Nurse Programme.  It is a very exciting opportunity to make change happen in creating new ways of working.  Hopefully it will also provide the best possible care in the community for persons living with long term skin conditions.”

Upon her selection, Lyndsey Forsyth said:

“It is a real privilege to have been selected for the Queens Nurse Programme.

“The experience so far has been inspirational and I am excited about the journey ahead. I am especially looking forward to the opportunity to cascade my learning from the program into our service for the benefit not only of colleges but our patients and their families”

Lastly, Gerrard Hastie said:

“Undertaking this development programme is a great privilege and I feel genuinely humbled to be doing this.  The QNIS programme is an opportunity to build on my skills as a community nurse and ultimately this will benefit the people in my care.”

About QNIS:


  • QNIS was established in 1889 thanks to a donation from Queen Victoria on the occasion of her Golden Jubilee
  • QNIS originally trained nurses for community district work, with the last award made in January 1969. Since then, QNIS has become a charity, promoting excellence in community nursing to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Scotland.
  • QNIS is based in the same building that training took place in, going all the way back to 1890.
  • To learn more about Queen’s Nurses in Scotland, visit their website.

Overnight Primary Care Emergency Services in Fife – Contingency Measures

Fife Health and Social Care Partnership is introducing from Monday 9 April contingency arrangements overnight in the Primary Care Emergency Services (PCES) in response to nursing and medical staffing difficulties.

The safety of every single patient is our number one priority.  As with most areas in Scotland, difficulties in recruiting GP and Primary Care medical staff continues to put pressure on service delivery.  In Fife, we have been able to maintain cover through daily monitoring and considerable efforts by all staff.   Unfortunately, we are currently in a position where we are unable to cover all the overnight shifts, meaning we have had to move to temporary contingency measures to ensure patient safety.

Patient safety is our primary concern and these arrangements have been put in place after much clinical consideration.  Taking this step will ensure services are being provided with safe levels of staffing.

The new arrangements will be put in place from 9 April 2018 for the next three months.

From Monday, 9 April, 2018, all PCES centres will continue to operate as normal from 6.00pm to midnight (Monday to Friday) and 8.00am to midnight (weekends & public holidays).  However, overnight, from midnight to 8am, no PCES services will be delivered at:

  • Queen Margaret Community Hospital, Dunfermline
  • Glenrothes Community Hospital, Glenrothes
  • St Andrews Community Hospital

Overnight (midnight to 8am) PCES services will be available at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy only.  The choice of Victoria Hospital has been based on:

  • The central location for patients in Fife
  • Adjacency to Accident and Emergency
  • Adjacency to Specialist Services and Wards for admission
  • Single site for all paediatrics

There will be no changes to the operation of the Minor Injuries Unit at Queen Margaret Hospital, which will continue as normal.

Fife Health & Social Care Partnership continues to make every effort to resolve clinical staffing difficulties as quickly as possible.

Members of the PCES Management Team will be in touch with Managers in partner organisations and departments to discuss more fully.

Please share this communication within your Department or Organisation as appropriate.   Click here for the full media release and link to FAQs.






Care At Home Win Innovation Award

Huge congratulations to our Care At Home team who won the Success Through Innovation Award at this year’s Fife Business Awards.

Their submission told the story of the roll out of Totalmobile across Fife, where the use of cutting edge technology led to real improvements in the scheduling of home care appointments.

All 900 Home Carers have been issued with smart phones and can now see their daily rotas and respond to real time changes, all at the touch of a button.  The solution has been developed so that it is dynamic and flexible enough to respond to last minute rota changes.

Since its roll out just over a year ago, local teams are completing an average of 22,000 visits per week while the Service overall has generated more than 30% additional capacity to take on new service users through more efficient scheduling.

David Heaney, Divisional General Manager (East) with Fife’s Partnership said:  “I am delighted and extremely proud of everyone involved in bringing Totalmobile to Care At Home in Fife.   The Health and Social Care Partnership has worked alongside Fife Council’s Business Technology Solutions and Totalmobile, who provide the technical platform.  The knowledge, experience and creativity of staff has been key to developing this unique solution and the award is a testament to everyone’s hard work and resilience.  Everyone involved should be very proud of what they have achieved.”

Jim Darragh, CEO, Totalmobile stated: “We’re delighted that Fife Health and Social Care Partnership have won the Success Through Innovation award. They set out with a clear objective of transforming care at home through the effective use of mobile technology. This award, as well as the significant benefits they are experiencing, shows that they have achieved this.”

Charlie Anderson, Head of ICT, Fife Council added: “It’s fantastic to see a solution which so directly improves our service delivery and supports our staff delivering highly-valued care services throughout Fife. The Totalmobile solution is a great example of how technology can be applied innovatively to meet the challenges Councils and partners face in delivering better public services in 2018.”

Cllr David Graham, Fife Council’s Health and Social Care spokesperson recognised the Care At Home service’s achievement:  “Congratulations to everyone in the Care At Home service.  It is a fantastic achievement and the culmination of a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment, all of which they show each and every day not just when it comes to taking their service forward for the future.  Well done everyone.  You are a credit to the service and the people of Fife.”


Expert Users Sought for New Stores Management System for Fife Community Equipment

In the next couple of months Fife Community Equipment Store (FCES) will migrate from its current equipment stock management system CEquip to a new system, CES360. The new system has been named CES360 because it provides a 360 degree support to all aspects of the Community Equipment Service from guiding the specialist nurse on product choice, managing the Warehouse to ensure the Delivery of the chosen Equipment, providing the Managers with Key Performance Indicators  information and finally recovering the Equipment when it is no longer needed.

Compared with CEquip, CES360 promises the following benefits:-

– Intuitive user interface.

– Better Mobile working, for example has a smartphone app, and paperless.

– Better stock control, asset tracking, repairs & maintenance and recovery management.

– Better management reporting.

FCES managers and staff are currently testing the new system and preparing for launch. The go-live date has not been fixed yet but is likely to be sometime between late April and early May.

To help us provide a seamless transition to CES360, we need to identify a group of expert users in each of your services who will be trained to coach staff to order equipment for clients on the new system when it goes live. Can you please identify some members of staff in your teams who would be willing to be expert users and coach their team members and email their names to or


Fife Partnership Board Sets Budget

Dear colleagues

Members of our Partnership Board have approve a budget for 2018/19 as part of a three year financial approach to deliver a sustainable financial outcome for the future for the Partnership.

Approved were newly identified financial recovery savings totalling £7.47m in 2018-19.  These include seeking areas where savings can be made such as procurement and introducing an enhanced staff travel strategy using technologies and sustainable measure such as pool cars and car sharing.

Despite the financial challenges the Partnership continues to face, we have presented a budget that will also help us to invest in better outcomes and new models of care.  This will enable us to start joining up care in communities across the Kingdom in a way that has never been done before.

There is no quick fix but this three year plan provides a steady, controlled and structured approach, setting us on a road to delivering a balanced budget by the end of 2020/21.    Click here for a full response from our Chair, Simon Little.

A full set of Board papers are available for you here




Director, Fife Health and Social Care Partnership



Fife Partnership Board to set budget for 2018/19

Dear colleagues

On Tuesday the 20 March, Members of the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership Board will be asked to approve a budget for 2018/19 as part of a three year financial strategy.

Proposals we are putting forward include asking the Board to approve:

  • a three year financial strategy approach to deliver a sustainable financial outcome for the future for the Partnership
  • newly identified financial recovery savings totalling £7.47m in 2018-19

The budget paper highlights the range of proposals being put forward, taking into account the need to invest in the short term if long term savings as well as transformation of services is to be achieved.  The paper highlights in year savings as well as areas for development which will be included in the 3 year financial strategy.  These include:

  • Initiatives to reduce medicine waste
  • Efficiency Initiatives
  • Seeking areas where savings can be made through procurement, such as best prices for purchasing of personal hygiene products.
  • Introducing an enhanced staff travel strategy using technologies and sustainable measure such as pool cars and car sharing.
  • Recruitment strategy and use of technologies to alleviate the need to use of agency for relief shifts whilst build a sustainable workforce for the future. This will allow us to grow a bank of care staff allowing staff to voluntarily opt in for relief and reduce the pressure on schedulers.
  • Investment
  • To expand the Short Term Assessment and Review (START) team – a proactive care at home service which supports people to regain skills and confidence in their own home after being in hospital or recovering from injury such as a fall to ensure a sustainable homecare for Fife.
  • Development and implementation of a Tele-healthcare strategy to increase use of technology so that individuals can take more control over their own health and live independently in their own home for longer.

This budget paper ensures we continue to deliver high quality care for the public, support for you and your colleagues as we move through these challenging times, whilst deliver a balanced budget, all within a timeframe that is realistic and as risk adverse for Fife as possible.

We must be open and honest with you, the public and users of services as we make sustainable and long term change.  There is no quick fix and the three year strategy proposal is a move to ensure a steady, controlled and structured approach, setting the Partnership on a road to delivering a balanced budget by the end of 2020/21.

The key to the approach is to take away the restriction of a one year plan, enabling the Partnership to re-design services in conjunction with you, your colleagues, service users, patients, carers, families and our Independent and Third Sector service providers so that the together, we can move away from traditional and costly models of care.   With this in mind, we await the decision of Members on the 20th March.

I’ll be in touch again after the Partnership’s Board meeting to keep you connected.

In the meantime, the Board papers are available to you and the public here



Director, Fife Health and Social Care Partnership


Severe Weather: Thank you to all staff


Thank you to each and every one of you for the huge effort being made to ensure services continue to be delivered as we go through this spell of severe weather.

These times can be challenging and as we put into action our contingency plans I am always very proud of the dedication and team work shown by all to keep people safe and supported.  With the recent weather warnings and cold icy weather set to continue please ensure you stay safe.  We will be monitoring the situation closely and issuing advice through your line managers as appropriate.  Thank you once again.



Director, Fife Health and Social Care