Let’s Connect is our new campaign to promote our programme of change.  It is still early days but some of you may have seen it in use already, for example across Care at Home, Occupational Therapy, ICASS and Day Care Review.

This Let’s Connect site is a one-stop-shop so you and your colleagues can keep on the pulse of what is going on across the Partnership’s Change programme, promote the work you are involved in as well find out about other pieces of news, views and notices from colleagues and services across the Partnership.

As both NHS Fife and Social Care staff blend more and more, and with so many transformation project starting up across the Partnership it is vital you and your colleagues can keep up to date on what is happening where and when, whether this is on a service by service, partner to partner basis or at a local or Fife wide level.

Let’s Connect with Bright Ideas…..Get involved, get  yoursel’ heard 

We want to encourage your creativity and hear your ideas about ways we can improve the Let’s Connect staff site, as well as what suggestions you have on service change – big or small.  To do this we have a created the Bright Ideas section.

“So what!” I hear you cry. Don’t think your voice will make a difference?  Think again.

Over the last year you and your colleagues have been working on a number of initiatives which have been borne out of staff suggestions and ideas.  A lot of these feature in our first Annual Report.

You, along with Participation and Engagement Network (P&EN) members, have been pivotal in influencing peers and using your skills and experience to inform thinking about how we can keep people safely out of hospital and independent in their own homes.  Check out some examples in our Change Projects section.